YZ Health Club, a new great value, join us now!

YZ Health club operates on a membership model.  Member pay a monthly fee to get a discount to all our service and products.  We will bring high quality service and products at a discounted rate to our members.  Your paid membership will allow us to purchase more top notch equipment and products so that we can bring more value to you faster.

In basic plan, for $30/month/person, you will enjoy 20% discount to all medical service and medical products that we offer. You will also receive 10% discount on translation, 5% discount to lodging and car rental. Our medical service rate is transparent and published in our menu page. Our products, lodging, and rental rate are more fluctuating depends on the market condition.  Yet, you are reassured that you will enjoy the promised discount that exclusive to our members. You can cancel your service any time you wish.  Your subscription will end at the end of that month that you requested cancellation.  For insured patient, this 20% discount will be applied to your self pay portion.

In our premium plan, for $100/month/person, you will enjoy 20% discount store wide, including all medical service, all medical products, translation, lodging, car rental.  That is great value for customers who book lodging and rental with us.

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