Online Patient Consulting


 This is usually for international patients or patients at a distance. They have a condition, and want to get some input or second opinion from an excellent and experienced doctor.  This is informal consult since the doctor can not examine the patient. Patient yet sometimes benefit from such a consult to see what is available to their health care, especially if they reside in another country or state.   Medical travel can be arranged via our Airbnb accommodations. Once you paid for booking, our team will contact you within 1 hour, and setting up a time for video conference.  If you have any previous medical record for review, please fax to: 888-523-5237. 

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很多中国病人想到美国来看病。可以先做一下网络医疗咨询。张燕医生为您提供一些建议。因为无法体检和检测,这个咨询并非正式诊疗。但很多咨询对病人都很有价值。我们诊所提供医疗住宿。病人和家属都可以短租或长租舒适的新房。有的房中备有氧气和空气洁净机。我们也有翻译服务。协助您达到好的医疗效果。诊所还有新车可以租用。总之,我们为您提供一条龙国际医疗服务。您付款后,我们会在一小时内与您联系。决定网络会议时间。您若有任何病例,请传真给我们。(001) 888-523-5237.