Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dr. Zhang prescribe controlled substance?

Yes, moderate amount.  For patients who needs pain medications more than 3 pills a day, please see a pain specialist.

2. Does she take new patients?


3. What insurance she takes?

Most PPOs, worker's comp, Medicare, Medicare with Medical, Tricare and of course self pay.

4. Does she takes any HMO?


5. Does she take medi-cal?

Not by its own.  We do take Medicare with Medical.  

6. What women's service she performs?

Pap smears, treating some STDs, prescribe oral contraceptive and vaginal estrogen gel,  breast exam, order mammogram.  Note, pap smear in some older women might be difficult to obtain due to atrophy.  We might need to refer out.

7. Why there is no waiting line?

Dr. Zhang takes patient wait time very seriously. We don't believe it is good medicine. We schedule our patient rather accurately on the time needed.  We gave some extra time for staff rest too.  We would rather wait and relax then let our patient wait.

8. Is her home office disabled accessible?

Yes. We have a ramp in one of our entrance.  Wheelchairs can come in.

9. Why she is at home office?

She had her Ontario office for 6 years prior to her moving to her home office.  She had two car accidents, none of her fault, in 2017.  She needs rest and recovery.  This arrangement allows her to continue to contributing to the society with her excellent medical skills.

10 Do you have other specialist doctor coming to the medical center?

In the planning.  Hang tight, Coming soon!

11.Do you take walk in patients?

In general, No.  Yet, the patient usually can get same day appointment by online booking or calling in.

12. Do you charge a fee for filling out forms?

In general, No.  The time filling forms is counted towards your encounter time.  If the form is long, you might be asked to do a separate visit just for the forms. If you don't want to do that, you could chose to pay for the extra time needed to fill the form the same day as your visit day. Note, if we have other scheduled patients waiting, then you might have to come back at the end of day to get the form filled the same day.  We do try to minimize the patient waiting time.  It is very important for you to book right amount of time needed for the visit.

13. Do you have in house lab?

Yes, for CLIA waived test ie, HA1C, spot sugar, Urinalysis, pregnancy test, Strep test. we can do those in the medical center.

For self pay patient, we have fee agreement with ABC lab.  The closest location is in the city of upland.  Patient will pay in the medical center, and get their test done in upland.    Please note, if you are member of YZ health club, you will receive a 20% discount when you pay in our medical center.  That is significant amount of savings.

ABC lab upland locations:

1175 East Arrow Highway, Suite N  Upland, CA 91786  Phone: (909) 920 - 0272   

Hours:   (M, T, Th, F) 8:30am - 5:00pm   (W, Sat) 8:30am - 12:30pm  Lunch Break 12:30pm – 1:00pm

Even through we work with all labs, but we prefer Quest and ABC lab since we get patient results in our EHR.  This will allow us to timely retrieve your test results.  With that said, LabCorp has always been faxing our patient results on time.  We are comfortable with them too.  For insured patient, ask your insurance company which is your best lab option.

14. Do I need to be fasting for the blood work?

If comprehensive metabolic panel or lipid profile is ordered, yes.  Otherwise, no.

15. Do you work with home health agency? Do they have chinese speaking visiting nurse?

Yes and yes.

16. 用哪家药房?Which pharmacy to use?


Home Pharmacy

9713 Base Line Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730       (909) 989-8688         

If English is not problem, it is totally up to you. Walmart has great deals. Some CVS opens late. Rauph is close to our center. Costco and Sams has member extra savings for their members. Walgreen has a lot of locations too.

17. Do you have pharmcy in house?

We stock some antibiotics in house for the patient's convenience.

18. More to come?